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Solar energy has become a shrewd long-term investment. Savvy business owners across the country are acting quickly to leverage all-time low installation costs and Federal Tax Incentives to offset a significant portion of upfront costs. As solar prices have fallen, electric utilities are installing Solar Panels faster than any other industry and at the same time doing everything in their power to block customer’s access to this low cost energy source. Solar Energy can increase your independence from the electric power industry by giving you the power to control your own energy production. Artisun Solar provides Solar Energy consultation & installation service for businesses throughout the Midwest, including Missouri, Kansas, Iowa & Illinois. When is the last time your electric company offered to reduce your electricity cost?

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Aside from the financial benefits of solar power, using a clean and green energy source illustrates your concern for the environment & energy conservation. Energy produced from solar energy does not create carbon emissions or contribute to air and noise pollution. Forward thinking companies create positive publicity using Solar Energy as they strive to meet Corporate Sustainability goals.

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At Artisun Solar, we understand that solar power can bring up a lot of questions. Our professional team is happy to schedule a free consultation to review the basics of Solar Energy and all of the Energy services we provide. As a NABCEP certified solar photovoltaic installer, we are up-to-date on the latest products and industry standards.

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