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Artisun Solar

Agricultural Solar

solar panels at farm

Free Your Farm From Energy Dependence

More than anyone else, farmers understand the power of the sun. The sun helps make their crops grow, but it can also provide energy for electrical usage. At Artisun Solar we have helped several farmers reduce their cost for electricity on containment facilities, one of the largest uncontrollable costs for these facilities. “We’ve already realized energy savings…” says Chuck Souder, President of Souder & Sons, Inc., “We think the Solar PV system will be a long term benefit.” Generations to come are going to be grateful for the free, low maintenance, electricity that their solar panels will produce for their farm operations.

Artisun Solar installs agricultural solar panels on farms and homesteads throughout the Midwest, including Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois. To maximize your property space, we can position panels on the roofs of your barns, home, or storage buildings; or we can mount them on the ground to maximize production.
Call us at 816-265-1786 to find out how solar panels can help you run your farm
more effectively.

Benefits of installing solar panels:

Lower monthly utility bill

Protection from rising energy costs

Increase property value

Tax credits and depreciation