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Vernon Graphics Solutions Adds Solar

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Vernon Graphic Solutions has been in business for over 100 years and supplies its customers with leading-edge digital graphics and screen printing solutions. They worked with Artisun Solar to install 300kW of net-metered solar to their facility in Unionville, MO.

As part of the Vernon Company’s (parent company to VGS) corporate initiative to reduce energy usage, in the summer of 2021 Vernon Graphic Solutions partnered with Artisun Solar. Together, we installed a 300 kW solar power system on the roof of the 22,000 square foot building addition. The 300 kW system is made up of two 150 kW solar arrays, consisting of 750 photovoltaic solar panels and 4 power inverters.

The system was sized to account for approximately 60%- 70% of VGS’s yearly electric consumption. The system and solar panels are expected to last 25-30 years.

This was not The Vernon Company’s first investment in renewable energy. In the past, they have changed out old technology fluorescent light bulbs with high efficiency LED lighting in all facilities. VGS is very excited to add this solar power system to its initiatives. Now that the solar system is installed, they are looking forward to all the benefits it has to offer – reduced power consumption, reduced carbon footprint, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, and reducing air pollution, to name a few.

Vernon Graphics Solutions is a full-service manufacturer of decals & graphics for original equipment manufacturers, and graphics for fleet & vehicle wraps for the trucking and waste industry.



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