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Artisun Solar

$1Million More Rebate to KCP&L Customers

Kansas City Power & Light recently designated 1 Million dollars towards solar rebates for the Greater Missouri Operations territory known as GMO.

As compelled by Missouri Senate Bill 564 public utilities are to provide funds by way of rebates for the installation of net metered solar PV systems. Each utility decides how to administer those funds.

KCP&L has provided all their funds for solar rebates upfront on a first come first serve bases so that when the funds are gone, they’re gone. But, they had designated certain portions to be available to only very specific parts of their territory in an effort to direct where the most solar would be installed.

In July, KCP&L increased by 1 Million dollars the portion to their Greater Missouri Operations (GMO) territory making more funds available to a lot more customers! More people than before have access to those funds for solar rebates making now the time to see if solar makes sense for your KCP&L location while available.

With a look at a recent KCP&L bill (both front and back), we can analyze your situation for how much solar you need, what you’d qualify for in rebates and incentives, and then review it with you in a 10-15 minute phone call and simple screen share. Feel free to fill out the contact form to learn more.