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Artisun Solar

Champion Precast’s Positive Return

Just outside Troy, Missouri, about 55 miles northwest of St Louis, Champion Precast is proud to use rooftop solar. And we are proud to help bring the solar savings to them! Quoted from their website home page:

Solar System 

Let’s state the obvious: power from the sun is sustainable and it’s not going away. Better yet, there are no dangerous emissions from energy generated through solar panels. Don’t forgot, energy from the sun is free, sustainable, clean, and renewable. Champion Precast Inc. made a positive investment but with a noteworthy return. We installed 628 solar panels on two of our production facilities rooftops. The system can produce over 255,000 kilowatt-hours per year. We estimated we will reduce our energy costs by 75% per year.

Champion Precast Inc. has experience as an environmentally friendly company. We have been recycling paper, printer cartridges, aluminum cans, tires, waste oil and steel for years. We have continued to be good stewards of the environment. Solar panels were the next step for us to continue this mission.

Champion Precast Inc. produces environmentally safe precast concrete products, which includes: utility products, sanitary & storm structures, water & wastewater vaults, and detention & solid separator chambers.