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Boulevard Brewing in Solar Power World!

Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing is in the news again! We are so proud to share that our 200 kilowatt solar installation at Boulevard Brewing and their use of CleanView Capital for lease financing has been featured in this article for Solar Power World.

Leasing takes advantage of the solar tax credits and depreciation. Explained very simply, leasing lets the finance company use the tax credits and depreciation a business may not need right away or can’t use if foreign owned. Often leasing is preferred for cash flow reasons too. In turn, the finance company is able to pass back most of those savings back to the business. At the end of the lease, the solar array belongs to that business.

Reach out to learn how it could apply to your installation. And read about Boulevard Brewing Company’s use of CleanView Captial in the article linked here.

Boulevard Brewing Company adds 200-kW rooftop solar array