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Artisun Solar

Blue Springs Appreciates Green Solar

Blue Springs Missouri School District appreciates clean, green energy and its savings with over 400 kilowatts of solar.


Plus, they can use real-time and historical data from their own arrays’ online monitoring, included with installation, as part of their science and math lessons.

Dr. Paul Kinder, Superintendent Blue Springs School District, says:

“Solar energy is an easy investment to make on its financial merits alone, but we were also surprised at how many parents specifically said they really appreciated their school going green.”


You’ll find solar on four locations. Delta Woods Middle School has 137 kW solar array, John Nowlin Elementary has 100 kW solar array, Brittany Hills Middle School has 50 kW, and Chapel Lakes Elementary has 140 kW solar array.


John Nowlin Elementary School

Delta Woods Middle School

 Thank you, Blue Springs, for selecting us to bring you the savings and benefits of solar!

Chapel Lakes Elementary



Brittany Hills Middle School