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Artisun Solar

Carrico Implement adds solar to their retail locations with Artisun Solar!

Carrico Implement, a Kansas-based John Deere dealer, has recently made a significant step towards sustainability by adding three solar arrays to their commercial buildings. The combined size of these arrays is an impressive 667kW, and they are projected to save the company over $70,000 in the first year of operation. The solar arrays were partially funded by a USDA grant program, which covered 40% of the total project cost. Carrico will also utilize the new Investment Tax Credit, which covers 40% of the project’s total cost. The decision to invest in solar energy is a wise one for Carrico Implement, as it will save the company money and reduce their carbon footprint. By switching to renewable energy sources, Carrico Implement is taking a proactive approach toward sustainability and environmental responsibility. As the world continues to move towards cleaner energy sources, businesses that invest in renewable energy will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage. The use of the USDA grant program is also noteworthy, as it highlights the importance of government incentives in promoting sustainable practices. Such programs can provide significant financial support to businesses that are committed to reducing their environmental impact. This is especially important for smaller businesses that may not have the financial resources to invest in renewable energy on their own. Carrico Implement’s decision to add solar arrays to their commercial buildings is a win-win situation. It’s encouraging to see businesses taking proactive steps toward sustainability and recognizing the importance of renewable energy. More and more companies will follow in Carrico Implement’s footsteps and invest in clean energy for a brighter, more sustainable future.